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2020 Granite State Open Winners

  Overall Winners  

Ms. Novice Figure: 

Nikki Ware


Ms. Masters Figure/PC:

Katrina Shafer


Ms. Open Figure:

Julie Cline       


Ms. Novice:

Natalie Morin


Ms. Masters/PC:

Erica O’Neill


Ms. Open Women/PC:

Ashley Sullivan


Mr. Novice:

Mark Troiano


Mr. Masters 40+:

Jason Pratt


Mr. Masters 50+:

Michael Carter


Mr. GSO:

Jason Pratt


MS. Novice FitBody:

Brooke Park


Ms. Open FitBody/PC:

Katrina Shafer

  Ms. Novice Bikini:

Erin Letsky

  Ms. Masters Bikini/PC: Betsey Kennedy
  Ms. Open Bikini/PC: Amanda Donahue

Mr. Novice Physique:  

Christophoros Jordan


Mr. Open Physique:

Nicholas Di Martino

Novice Figure Novice Men
2nd Place: Alyssa Taranto
2nd Place:

Peter Tang

3rd Place: Ashrita Tiwari    
4th Place: Judy Cazeau Masters Men 40+
5th Place: Letasha Howe
2nd Place:
Michael Carter
  3rd Place: Bryan Bedard
Masters Figure    
2nd Place: Lisa Arpino Masters Men 50+
3rd Place: Erica O’Neill
2nd Place:
Bryan Bedard
4th Place: Brooke Park 3rd Place: Lance Clemens
5th Place: Nikki Ware    
  Open Men Lightweight
Open Figure 1st Place:

Hozan Zaza

2nd Place: Erica O’Neill 2nd Place: Lance Clemens
3rd Place:  Ashley Sullivan    
4rd Place:  Jennifer Richardi Open Men Middleweight
5th Place:  Gabriella Pimental 1st Place:

Nicholas DiMartino

  2nd Place: Matthew Schmitt
Novice Women 3rd Place: Michael Fuentes
2nd Place:
Chanella Bentley    
    Open Men Heavyweight
Masters Women 1st Place:

Jason Pratt/Overall

2nd Place:
Lisa Arpino 2nd Place: Michael Sell
Open Women Men's Physique Novice
2nd Place:
Erica O'Neill

2nd Place:

Garrett Grill

3rd Place: Candace Lord 3rd Place: David “Kai” Libby
4th Place: Lisa Arpino 4th Place:

Jarrett MacKinnon

5th Place: Jessica Favreau 5th Place: Dominic Marabello
Fitbody Novice Men's Physique Open
2nd Place:
Paula Sullivan 2nd Place:

Ryan McQuaid

3rd Place: Brooke Park    
FitBody Open Short    
1st Place:
Suzette Montiero
2nd Place:
Candace Lord
3rd Place: Ashley Sullivan    
4th Place: Erica O’Neill    
5th Place: Lisa Arpino    
Fitbody Open Tall  
  1st Place: Katrina Shafer/ PC    
2nd Place:

Julie Cline

3rd Place: Jennifer Richardi    
4th Place:

Gabriella Pimental

5th Place: Karen Fiore    
Bikini Novice  
2nd Place:

Valentina Shubina

3rd Place: Jana Tobias    
4th Place: Taylor Davis    
5th Place: Scarlet Santos    
Bikini Masters  
2nd Place:

Shawna Tombros

3rd Place: Cynthia Dunsky    
4th Place: Jana Tobias    
5th Place: Andrea Frost    
Bikini Open Short  
1st Place: Amanda Donahue/ PC    
2nd Place:

Jessica Caterina

3rd Place: Alyssa Taranto    
4th Place:

Andrea Perez

5th Place: Malinda Mercado    
Bikini Open Tall  
1st Place: Steffanie Gould    
2nd Place:

Betsey Kennedy

3rd Place: Jennifer Foster    
4th Place:

Andrea Frost

5th Place: Gabriella Pimental    
Further placings available by request, competitors only please.
Team Award:    
Cara Volpicelli and Ladies    

Best Posers Per Division:
Novice Women:

Natalie Morin

Novice Men: Peter Tang      
Masters Women: Lisa Arpino     
Masters Men: Jason Pratt       
Open Women: Ashley Sullivan       
Open Men: Matthew Schmitt


   149 Dartmouth Circle, Newmarket NH 03857 • (603) 659-2288