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2018 Granite State Open Winners

  Overall Winners  

Ms. Novice Figure: 

Kimberlee Lenfest


Ms. Masters Figure/Pro Card:

Cara Volpicelli 


Ms. Open Figure/Pro Card:

Shauna Koehler               


Ms. Novice:

Tracy Young


Ms. Masters/Pro Card:

Nicole Katz


Ms. Open Women/Pro Card:

Nicole Katz


Mr. Novice:

Chase Coviello


Mr. Masters 40+/Pro Card:

Akmir Carter


Mr. Masters 50+:

Mark Wood


Mr. GSO/Pro Card:

Akmire Carter


MS. Novice FitBody:

Jessica Johnson


Ms. Open FitBody/Pro Card:

Melissa Gentile

  Ms. Novice Bikini:

Margaret Barros

  Ms. Masters Bikini/Pro Card: Jennifer Smith
  Ms. Open Bikini/Pro Card: Brittany DeMatteo

Mr. Novice Physique:  

James Mull


Mr. Open Physique:

Warren Ory

Novice Figure Masters Figure
2nd Place: Callie Ginter 2nd Place: Melissa Gentile
3rd Place:  Jeanette Smith 3rd Place:  Jennifer Lisciotti
4th Place: Louann Gentiloumo 4th Place:  Louann Gentiloumo
5th Place: Jessica Johnson 5th Place: Jessica Johnson
Open Figure  
2nd Place: Cara Volpicelli  
3rd Place: Melissa Gentile  
4rd Place:  Megan McClure  
5th Place:  Jennifer Lisciotti  
Novice Women Novice Men
1st Place:
Tracy Young
2nd Place:

Sterling Ortiz

    3rd Place: Warren Ory
    4th Place: John McLean
Masters Women Masters Men 40+
2nd Place:
Christine Burzenski
2nd Place:
Emilio Rodriguez
3rd Place: Lisa O”Keefe 3rd Place: Mark Wood
4th Place: Tracy Young 4th Place: Omar Carter
5th Place: Ellen Cummings 5th Place: Kevin LaBelle

Open Women Masters Men 50+
2nd Place: Eve Camoranesi

2nd Place:
Michael Carter
3rd Place: Christine Burzenski 3rd Place: Andrew Rocco
4th Place: Lisa O’Keefe    
5th Place: Robin Haynes    
Fitbody Novice Open Men Lightweight
2nd Place:
Christine Burzenski 1st Place:

LeRoy Hopkins

3rd Place: Maria Milleville 2nd Place: Kevin LaBelle
4th Place: LeTasha Howe    
5th Place:

Tammy Ricker


FitBody Open Open Men Middleweight
2nd Place: Nicole KAtz
1st Place:

Juan de la Cruz

3rd Place: Cara Volpecilli 2nd Place: Cameron Bisson
4th Place: Jennifer Lisciotti 3rd Place: Angel Oquendo
5th Place: Abigail Wurtele 4th Place: Matthew Schmitt
    5th Place: Jules Payette
Bikini Novice Open Men Heavyweight
2nd Place:

Lisa Vollone

1st Place:

Akmir Carter

3rd Place: Jackie Manoogian 2nd Place: Eduardo Pedrero
4th Place: Annette Flaherty 3rd Place: Emilio Rodriguez
5th Place: Angela Champine 4th Place: Omar Carter
Bikini Masters Men's Physique Novice
2nd Place:

Jennifer Foster

2nd Place:

Mark Polito

3rd Place: Kristen Giorgi    
4th Place: Lisa Welker    
5th Place: Annette Flaherty    
Bikini Open Men's Physique Open
2nd Place:

Amanda Donahue

2nd Place:

Stephen Stewart

3rd Place: Katie Golec 3rd Place:

Aldo Baracchi

4th Place: Magdalena MCClellan  
5th Place: Kimberly Visali    
1st Place:

Shauna Koehler and Katie Golec

2nd Place:

Omar Carter and Mike Carter

3rd Place: Anne Harris and Sondra Merrill    

Further placings available by request, competitors only please.

Team Award:

Fitness Asylum

Best Posers Per Division:
Novice Women:

Tracy Young           

Novice Men: Chase Coviello     
Masters Women: Robin Haynes     
Masters Men: Matt Schmitt     
Open Women: Nicole Katz      
Open Men: Cam Bisson


   149 Dartmouth Circle, Newmarket NH 03857 • (603) 659-2288