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2017 Granite State Open Winners

  Overall Winners  

Ms. Novice Figure: 

Christina Vaske


Ms. Masters Figure/Pro Card:

Angie Ventrone 


Ms. Open Figure/Pro Card:

Angie Ventrone


Ms. Novice:

Christine Capece


Ms. Masters/Pro Card:

Natalie Lynch


Ms. Open Women:

Natalie Lynch


Mr. Novice:

ismail HHammoumi


Mr. Masters 40+/Pro Card:

 Matt Schmitt


Mr. Masters 50+/Pro Card:

Kevin LaBelle


Mr. GSO/Pro Card:

Nygel Satterfield


MS. Novice FitBody:

Megan MacClure


Ms. Open FitBody/Pro Card:

Angie Ventrone


Mr. Novice Physique:  

Steve Knable


Mr. Open Physique:

Martin Nassy


Ms. Novice Bikini:

Katherine Allen


Ms. Masters Bikini/Pro Card:

Julisa Medina


Ms. Open Bikini/Pro Card:

Olivia Knox

Novice Women Figure Masters Figure
2nd Place: Daniella Montesinos Acevedo 2nd Place: Meredith Whitcomb
3rd Place:  Heather Stover 3rd Place:  Nina DeCilla
4th Place:  Deborah Allen 4th Place:  Kathy Botterman
5th Place:  Diana Travis 5th Place:  Sharon Bolduc
Open Women Figure  
2nd Place: Laurie Holman  
3rd Place: Shauna Koehler  
4rd Place:  Meredith Whitcomb  
5th Place:  Dilka Tsankova  
Novice Women Novice Men
2nd Place:
Lexi Leddy
2nd Place:

Domenic Clements

3rd Place: Paula Brennan    
4th Place: Heidi Odum    
Masters Women Masters Men 40+
2nd Place:
Christine Capece
2nd Place:

Mark Wood

3rd Place:

Tammy Sembler

3rd Place:

Emilio Rodriguez

4th Place: Tami Provost 4th Place:

Kevin Labelle

5th Place:

Paula Brennan

5th Place: David Ricker

Open Women Masters Men 50+
2nd Place: Tami Provost
2nd Place:
Mark Wood
3rd Place:

Tammy Sembler

3rd Place:

Michael Carter

    4th Place:

Jeff Cleveland

    5th Place: David Ricker
Fitbody Novice Open Men Lightweight
2nd Place:
Daniella Acevedo 1st Place: Ravel Pierrissaint
3rd Place:

Christina Vaske

2nd Place: Kevin LaBelle
4th Place: Lexi Leddy 3rd Place:

Michael Carter

5th Place: Christine Capece    

FitBody Open Open Men Middleweight
2nd Place: Shauna Koehler 1st Place: Nygel Satterfield
3rd Place: Heather Yeomans 2nd Place: James McGonigle
4th Place: Meredith Whitcomb 3rd Place: Leon Goldson
5th Place:

Jo-An  Isnor

4th Place: Emilio Rodriguez
    5th Place: Mark Wood
Bikini Novice Open Men Heavyweight
2nd Place:
Ashley DeRosiers 1st Place: Jules Payette
3rd Place: Kate Waters 2nd Place: Greg Newhall
4th Place: Alyssa Rifkin 3rd Place: Jeffrey Cleveland
5th Place: Angela Rosario 4th Place: David Ricker
Bikini Masters Men's Physique Novice
2nd Place: Angel Harmon 2nd Place: DeMass Mensah
3rd Place:

Melissa Healy

3rd Place: Scott Kaye
4th Place: Josephine Doroja 4th Place: Chris Chalmers
5th Place: Mina Tiber 5th Place: Andrew Hickey
Bikini Open Men's Physique Open
2nd Place: Ericka Leal 2nd Place: Leon Goldson
3rd Place: Sara Lieber 3rd Place:

Andrius Siska

4th Place:

Julisa Medina

5th Place: Melissa Healy     

Further placings available by request, competitors only please.

Team Award:
Woos Kickboxing of Londonderry, NH
Best Posers Per Division:
Novice Women: Lexi Leddy
Novice Men: Ismail Hammouni
Masters Women: Natalie Lynch
Masters Men: Michael Carter
Open Women: Tammy Sembler              
Open Men: Wesam Mahmoud


   149 Dartmouth Circle, Newmarket NH 03857 • (603) 659-2288