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2016 Granite State Open Winners

~ Overall Winners ~
Ms. Novice Figure: Abigail Wurtele
Ms. Masters Figure: Anne Silas
Ms. Open Figure/Pro Card: Stephanie Ortalani
Ms. Novice: Elizabeth Livingston
Ms. Masters/Pro Card: Koral Couch
Ms. Open Women/Pro Card: Koral Couch
Mr. Novice: Angel Oquendo
Mr. Masters 40+/Pro Card: Jerry Peterson
Mr. Masters 50+ Mark Wood
Mr. GSO/Pro Card: Terrell Lewis
Ms. Novice Bikini: Christen Campbell
Ms. Masters Bikini/Pro Card: Debra Pillsbury
Ms. Open Bikini/Pro Card: Vasilina Waldron
Mr. Novice Physique: Ebenezer Figueroa
Mr. Open Physique: Brendan Bowidas

Novice Women Figure (Short) Novice Women Figure (Tall)
1st Place: Abigail Wurtele 1st Place:  Jaclyn Welch
2nd Place: Christi Tinkham 2nd Place: Elizabeth Livingston
3rd Place:  Brittany Ksiezopolski 3rd Place:  Jessica Johnson
  4th Place:  Brenda Woodside
Masters Women Figure Open Women Figure
1st Place: Anne Silas 1st Place: Stephanie Ortalani
2nd Place: Mina Tiber 2nd Place: Jean Marie Beauchemin
3rd Place:  Sharon Bolduc 3rd Place:  Anne Silas
4th Place:  Paula Brennan 4th Place:  Melissa Harris Rioux
  5th Place:  Alicia Macura
Novice Women Novice Men
1st Place:
Elizabeth Livingston
1st Place:

Angel Oquendo

2nd Place: Lauren Arnold 2nd Place:

Brian Carey

    3rd Place:

Ravel Pierrissaint

    4th Place:

Ryan Senecal

    5th Place:

Dmitry Kifer

Masters Women Masters Men 40+
1st Place:
Koral Couch 1st Place:

Jerry Peterson

2nd Place:

Anne Silas

2nd Place:

Matthew Schmitt

3rd Place: Danielle Osterhause 3rd Place:

Mark Wood

4th Place:

Cheryl Russell

5th Place:

Tammy Sembler


Open Women Lightweight Masters Men 50+
1st Place: Koral Couch 1st Place: Mark Wood
2nd Place:

Anne Silas

2nd Place:

Michael Carter

3rd Place: Tammy Sembler 3rd Place:

Paul Spiccuzza

    4th Place: Fred Zwick
Open Women Heavyweight Open Men Lightweight
1st Place: Candace Lord 1st Place: Jerry Peterson
2nd Place: Danielle Osterhause 2nd Place: Michael Carter
3rd Place: Cheryl Russell    
4th Place: Kinberly Louis-Jean    
5th Place: Patricia Kilday    

Bikini Novice Short Open Men Middleweight
1st Place: Debra Pillsbury 1st Place: Matthew Schmitt
2nd Place: Jasmine Whitman    
3rd Place: Winifher Capellan    
4th Place: Julia Mack    
5th Place: Margarita Cepele    
Bikini Novice Tall Open Men Light-Heavyweight
1st Place: Christen Campbell 1st Place: Tyler Strogoff
2nd Place: Tara McGavin 2nd Place: Mark Woo
3rd Place: Sheryl Sciaudone 3rd Place: Omar Carter
4th Place: Erin Tierney    
5th Place: Sarah Cellucci    
Bikini Masters Open Men Heavyweight
1st Place: Debra Pillsbury 1st Place: Terrell Lewis
2nd Place: Mina Tiber 2nd Place: Jules Payette
3rd Place: Cindy Evangelous    
4th Place: Sheryl Sciaudone Men's Physique Novice
5th Place: Holly Lima 1st Place: Ebenezer Figueroa
    2nd Place: Paul Forkus
Bikini Open 3rd Place: Martin Nassy
1st Place: Vasilina Waldron 4th Place: Colin Hager
2nd Place: Jillian Wagner 5th Place: Codie Healy
3rd Place: Rachelle Norton    
4th Place: Cindy Evangelous Men's Physique Open
5th Place: Kimberly Visalli 1st Place: Brendan Bowidas
    2nd Place: Evan Rurak
    3rd Place: Ted Rioux

Further placings available by request, competitors only please.

Team Award:
Lean Physique, Ct
Best Posers Per Division:
Novice Women: Elizabeth Livingston
Novice Men: Angel Oquendo
Masters Women: Danielle Osterhause
Masters Men: Michael Carter
Open Women: Candace Lord
Open Men: Jerry Peterson


   149 Dartmouth Circle, Newmarket NH 03857 • (603) 659-2288