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2014 Granite State Open Winners

Novice Women Figure (Short) Novice Women Figure (Tall)
1st Place: Abigail Lundborn 1st Place: Sophie Browne
2nd Place: Kaitlyn McHugh 2nd Place: Taylor Gillette
3rd Place:  Dianne Boisvert 3rd Place:  Hannah Holman
4th Place:  Donna Desper 4th Place:  Andrea Hickey
5th Place:  Lisa Pappas 5th Place:  Tara Violette
Masters Women Figure Open Women Figure
1st Place: Bethann Couture 1st Place: Jennie Laurent
2nd Place: Lisa Pappas 2nd Place: Darcy Dang
3rd Place:  Donna Desper 3rd Place:  Lindsey Chase
4th Place:  Sophie Thibault 4th Place:  Jessica Hollis
5th Place:  Robin Cahill 5th Place:  Taylor Shamyer
Novice Women Novice Men
1st Place:
Koral Couch
1st Place:

Ben Chevalier

2nd Place: Esperenza Lalinde 2nd Place:

Phil Gendron

3rd Place: Susan Brisson 3rd Place:

Aroldo Tunchez

4th Place: Chrystn Fisher 4th Place:

Roy Newmann

5th Place: Jan Pigott 5th Place:

Myles Mastrototaro

Masters Women Masters Men 40+
1st Place:
Eperenza Lalinde 1st Place:

Martin Ortiz

2nd Place:

Koral Couch

2nd Place:

Steven Higgins

3rd Place: Laleh Talebian 3rd Place:

Randy Robitaille

4th Place:

Julie Harris

4th Place:

Glenn Nazarian

5th Place:

Carlene Melkonian

5th Place:

Will Smith

Open Women Lightweight Masters Men 50+
1st Place: Ruth Hushour 1st Place: Glenn Nazarian
2nd Place:

Laleh Talebian

2nd Place:

John Wozniak

3rd Place: Amy Schaefer 3rd Place:

Will Smith

4th Place: Heather St. Onge 4th Place: Patrizio Angelone
5th Place: Amy Farley 5th Place: David Ricker
Open Women Heavyweight Open Men Lightweight
1st Place: Danielle Osterhaus 1st Place: Jason Krawczyk
2nd Place: Carlene Melkonian 2nd Place: Glenn Nazarian
3rd Place: Lyndi Sargent 3rd Place: Phong Dang

Bikini Novice Open Men Middleweight
1st Place: Carrie Cushman 1st Place:

Martin Ortiz

2nd Place: Danielle Austin 2nd Place:

Arthur Pusluszny

3rd Place: Andrea Perez 3rd Place: Ryan Griffen
4th Place: Jenna Salvucci 4th Place: Peter Nason
5th Place: Brittany Frazier    

Bikini Masters Open Men Light-Heavyweight
1st Place: Catherine Mossman 1st Place:

Charles Pearson

2nd Place: Tracy O'Keefe 2nd Place:

Jesse Wilson

    3rd Place: Steven Higgins
Bikini Open 4th Place: Peter Munoz-Bennett
1st Place: Ashley Rapaglia 5th Place: Randy Robitaille
2nd Place: Ryann Lavoy    
3rd Place: Sasha Prince Open Men Heavyweight
4th Place: Kelsey Brown 1st Place:

Amadeu Gomes

5th Place: Helen Grondin 2nd Place:

Jules Payette

    3rd Place:

Will Smith

  4th Place:

David Ricker

    5th Place: Greg Newhall

Further placings available by request, competitors only please.

Best Posers Per Division:
Novice Women: Koral Couch
Novice Men: Ben Chevalier
Master Women: Danielle Osterhaus
Master Men: Steven Higgins
Open Women: Ruth Hushour
Open Men: Peter Munoz Bennet

   149 Dartmouth Circle, Newmarket NH 03857 • (603) 659-2288