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2013 Granite State Open Winners

Novice Women Figure Masters Women Figure Open Women Figure
1st Place: Lisa Randazzo
1st Place:  Julianne Post
1st Placel:  Randi Knowles
2nd Place: Julianne Post 2nd Place:  Lisa Randazzo 2nd Place:  Darcy Dang
3rd Place:  Rosa Gallo 3rd Place:  Rosa Gallo 3rd Place:  Stephanie Spiridakis
4th Place:  Esperenza LaLinde 4th Place:  Sherri Benodetto 4th Place: Sherri Benodetto
5th Place:  Kim Laudani 5th Place:  Beth Ann Couture 5th Place:  Jennifer Violette
Novice Women Novice Men
1st Place:
Sharon McGill
1st Place:

Aurthur Posluszny

2nd Place: Julie Chin 2nd Place:

Nathan Spear

3rd Place: Renee Boles 3rd Place:

Erik Drown

4th Place: Jan Pigott 4th Place:

Tim Parrott

    5th Place:

Michael Berry

Masters Women 35+ Masters Men 35+
1st Place:
Ruth Hushour 1st Place:

Jim Hurtubise

2nd Place:

Sharon McGill

2nd Place:

Greg Newhall

3rd Place: Laleh Talebian 3rd Place:

Rick Letts

4th Place:

Jan Pigott

4th Place:

Pete Nason

5th Place:

Renee Boles

5th Place:

David Ricker

Open Women Lightweight Masters Men 45+
1st Place: Ruth Hushour 1st Place: Glenn Nazarian
2nd Place:

Laleh Talebian

2nd Place:

Will Smith

    3rd Place:

Wade Winters

    4th Place: Scott Malstrom
    5th Place: Rick Letts

Bikini Novice Open Men Lightweight
1st Place: Chelsie Crane 1st Place:

Glenn Nazarian

2nd Place: Jean Marie Beauchemin 2nd Place:

Phong Dang

3rd Place: Danielle Fowler    
4th Place: Jillian Dollard    
5th Place: Catherine Mossman    

Bikini Masters  Open Men Light-Heavyweight
1st Place: Catherine Mossman 1st Place:

Vic Cuzzupe

    2nd Place:

Scott Malstrom

Bikini Open    
1st Place:

Sophia Mansora

Open Men Middleweight
2nd Place: Jessica Walton 1st Place:

Jason Childs

3rd Place: Logan Keene 2nd Place:

Jim Hurtubise

    3rd Place:

Wade Winters

 $2013 GSO PRO PURSE 4th Place:

Ralph McClellan

1st Place: Linda Mirabito    
2nd Place: Pam Benoit    

   Open Men Heavyweight
    1st Place:

John Bosse

    2nd Place:

Jules Payette

    3rd Place: Will Smith
    4th Place: Greg Newhall

Further placings available by request, competitors only please.

Best Posers Per Division:
Novice Women: Julie Chin
Novice Men: Kyle Kerrigan
Master Women: Laleh Talebian
Master Men: Will Smith
Open Women: Ruth Hushour
Open Men: Vic Cuzzupe

   149 Dartmouth Circle, Newmarket NH 03857 • (603) 659-2288