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2011 Granite State Open Winners

Mr. GSO Overall: Obie Philbrook
Ms. GSO Overall: Cindy Burr
Ms. GSO Figure: Emily Wirling

Top Five Winners per Class:

Novice Women Figure Masters Women Figure Open Women Figure
1st Place: Margarita Crego
1st Place: Christine Gesualdi
1st Placel: Emily Wirling
2nd Place: Judy Oliver 2nd Place: Heidi Lavasseur 2nd Place: Christine Gesualdi
3rd Place: Donna Desper 3rd Place: Judy Oliver 3rd Place: Heidi Lavasseur
4th Place: Andrea Kalligheri 4th Place: Margarita Crego 4th Place: BethAnn Hickey
5th Place: Anne Cloutier 5th Place: BethAnn Hickey 5th Place: Tanya Lauro
Novice Women Novice Men
1st Place:
Debra Hanchett
1st Place:
Evan Piercey
2nd Place: Heather Lane 2nd Place: Jerry Guillaume
    3rd Place: Jerry Peterson
    4th Place: Ryan Griffin
    5th Place: Fern Fauteux

Masters Women Masters Men 35+
1st Place:
Cindy Burr 1st Place: Dean Tibbetts
2nd Place: Laleh Talebian 2nd Place: Jerry Guillaume
3rd Place: Deanna Disalvo 3rd Place: Stephen Purdy
4th Place: Alyson Lambert 4th Place: Jerry Peterson
5th Place: Debra Hanchett 5th Place: John Fichera

Masters Men 45+ Open Women Lightweight
1st Place:
Jim Hart 1st Place:     Cindy Burr
2nd Place: Kevin Knauer 2nd Place: Laleh Talebian
3rd Place: Gary Goodwin 3rd Place: Deanna Disalvo

Open Women Heavyweight Open Men Lightweight
1st Place: Alyson Lambert 1st Place: Ken Banks

Open Men Middleweight  Open Men Light-Heavyweight
1st Place: Obie Philbrook 1st Place: Dean Tibbetts
2nd Place: Devin Sullivan 2nd Place: Eric Kelly
3rd Place: Jim Hart 3rd Place: Gary Goodwin
4th Place: Kevin Knauer    

 Open Men Heavyweight  
1st Place: Jonathan Arnold    
2nd Place: Sean Person    
3rd Place: Stephen Purdy    
4th Place: Peter Munoz-Bennett    
5th Place: John Fichera    

Further placings available by request, competitors only please.

Best Posers Per Division:
Novice Women: Debra Hanchett
Novice Men: Jerry Guillaume
Master Women: Laleh Talebian
Master Men: Stephen Purdy
Open Women: Cindy Burr
Open Men: Peter Munoz-Bennett

   149 Dartmouth Circle, Newmarket NH 03857 • (603) 659-2288