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2008 Granite State Open Winners

Mr. GSO Overall: Martin Ortiz
Ms. GSO Overall: Kelli McDonough
Ms. GSO Figure: Marina Fabrizio

Top Five Winners per Class:

 Open Women Figure Novice Women Figure
1st Place / Overall: Marina Fabrizio
1st Place / Overall: Sherry Andre
2nd Place: Leah Giraldo 2nd Place: Brenda Ernst
3rd Place: Courtney Joline 3rd Place: Melanie Allen
4th Place: Jeanne Babineau 4th Place: Julie Duncanson
5th Place: Simone Cabral

Novice Women Novice Men
1st Place / Overall: Lyndi Sargent
1st Place / Overall: Phil Maurice
    2nd Place: John Eastman
    3rd Place: Josh Agenete
    4th Place: Devin Sullivan
    5th Place: Rob Bashaw

Masters Women Masters Men 35+
1st Place / Overall: Pearla Phillips
1st Place / Overall: Martin Ortiz
2nd Place: Kelli McDonough 2nd Place: Daniel Kolodziej
3rd Place: Amy Walsh 3rd Place: Brian Trombley
4th Place: Joyce Merrill 4th Place: Patrick Joseph
5th Place: Robin Haynes 5th Place: Rolando Amorim

Masters Men 45+ Open Women Lightweight
1st Place / Overall: Glenn Nazarian
1st Place:      Kelli McDonough
2nd Place: Charlie Gaudet 2nd Place: Robin Haynes
3rd Place: Carl Bashaw    
4th Place: Robert Berriault    
5th Place: Mel Schenck    

Open Women Heavyweight Open Men Lightweight
1st Place: Pearla Phillips 1st Place: Glenn Nazarian
2nd Place: Joyce Merrill 2nd Place: Carlos Cortes
3rd Place: Amy Walsh 3rd Place: Robert Berriault

Open Men Middleweight  Open Men Light-Heavyweight
1st Place: Martin Ortiz 1st Place: Patrick Joseph
2nd Place: Karlen Thyne 2nd Place: Rolando Amorim
3rd Place: Brian O'Connell 3rd Place: Carlos Renfro
4th Place: Jason Maker
5th Place: Mel Schenck

 Open Men Heavyweight  
1st Place: Daniel Kolodziej    
2nd Place: Brian Trombley    
3rd Place: Steven Chip    
4th Place: Jonathan Arnold
5th Place: Jason Pratt

Further placings available by request, competitors only please.

Best Posers Per Division:
Novice Women: Lyndi Sargent
Novice Men: Mike Prudente
Master Women: Pearla Phillips
Master Men: Brain Trombley
Open Women: Kelli McDonough
Open Men: Rolando Amorim
Team Award:
Muscle Sculpture

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