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2007 Granite State Open Winners

Mr. GSO Overall: Edison Clarke
Ms. GSO Overall: Heather Pathoomvanh
Ms. GSO Figure: Tali Tarone

Top Five Winners per Class:

 Open Women Figure Novice Women Figure
1st Place / Overall: Tali Tarone
1st Place / Overall: Suzanne Logan
2nd Place: Frederica Lovelace 2nd Place: Courtney Joline
3rd Place: Erin Purdy 3rd Place: Maureen Waller
4th Place: Ida Messerman

Novice Women Novice Men
1st Place / Overall: Janet Esterkes
1st Place / Overall: Brian Whiteway
2nd Place: Pearla Phillips 2nd Place: Brian O'Connell
3rd Place: Tammy Ryan 3rd Place: Zack Davies
4th Place: Susan Pearson 4th Place: Matt Stewart
5th Place: Janet Richards 5th Place: Devin Sullivan

Masters Women Masters Men
1st Place / Overall: Heather Pathoomvanh
1st Place / Overall: Edison Clarke
2nd Place: Janet Esterkes 2nd Place: Rolando Amorim
3rd Place: Michelle Brown 3rd Place: Adam Berk
4th Place: Tammy Ryan 4th Place: Brian Whiteway
5th Place: Pearla Phillips 5th Place: Glen Nazarian

Open Women Lightweight Open Women Heavyweight
1st Place: Michelle Brown 1st Place: Heather Pathoomvanh
2nd Place: Alyson Lambert 2nd Place: Amy Walsh
3rd Place: Kelli McDonough 3rd Place: Joyce Merrill
4th Place: Brenda Lee
5th Place: Rachel Ricker

Open Men Lightweight Open Men Middleweight
1st Place: Adam Berk 1st Place: Edison Clarke
2nd Place: Glen Nazarian
3rd Place: Chris Cavellaro
4th Place: Robert Kravitz

 Open Men Light-Heavyweight Open Men Heavyweight
1st Place: Rolando Amorim 1st Place: Brian Trombly
2nd Place: Jason Pratt 2nd Place: Robert Fulton
3rd Place: Brent Lake 3rd Place: Allan Bouche

Further placings available by request, competitors only please.

Best Posers Per Division:
Novice Women: Pearla Phillips
Novice Men: Mike Prudente
Master Women: Michelle Brown
Master Men: Rolando Amorim
Open Women: Brenda Lee
Open Men: Brent Lake
Team Award:
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