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2004 Granite State Open Winners

Top Winners in Each Division:

 Women's Figure  Women's Novice
1st Place: Katie Boynton 1st Place: Cathy Stickney
2nd Place: Leanne Lavoie 2nd Place: Sara Morin
3rd Place: Sarah Brown 3rd Place: Cindi Berg
4th Place: Lena Mendonea 4th Place: Candice Parker
5th Place: Harmoni Erharot
Men's Novice  Women's Masters
1st Place: Gerry Ruck 1st Place: Cheryl Davis
2nd Place: Philip Deciec 2nd Place: Cathy Stickney
3rd Place: Price Charlot 3rd Place: Cathy Anastasio
4th Place: Kyle Roberts 4th Place: Cindi Berg
5th Place: Patrick Keene 5th Place: Paula Coates
Men's Masters Open Women's Lightweight
1st Place: Ed Silvia 1st Place: Cheryl Davis
2nd Place: Gerry Ruck 2nd Place: Paula Coates
3rd Place: Roland Brantley 3rd Place: Ellen Souviney
4th Place: Bob Laliberte 4th Place: Sharon Brock
5th Place: Herbie Bagwell 5th Place: Michelle Romano
Open Women's Heavyweight Open Men's Middleweight
1st Place: Cathy Anastasio 1st Place: Ed Silvia
2nd Place: Julie Soar 2nd Place: Daryl Conant
3rd Place: Marion Hecht 3rd Place: Marson Esaw
4th Place: Tara LaLiberte
5th Place: Patti Humble
Open Men's Light-Heavyweight Open Men's Heavyweight
1st Place: David Lovelace 1st Place: Seth Cohen
2nd Place: Herbie Bagwell 2nd Place: Joel Perkins
3rd Place: Bob Laliberte 3rd Place: Roland Brantley
4th Place: Carlos Renfro 4th Place: Ryan Richard
5th Place: Jae Amo Zubhaza 5th Place: Robert Fulton

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