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2019 Granite State Open Review

25 Years, promoting the Granite State Open, and every one of them special, unique, star- studded, gregarious and memorable. We love what we do!

This years, October 27th event was remarkable. As the industry continues to evolves, and athletes bring a variety of levels to the show, we adapt to the skills and glamour they provide. The effects of social media certainly play a role in how an event is perceived, but go unmatched to the true experience. Should you enter the Granite State Open, you may expect the following:
A warm meet and greet from the promoter from the time you request an application, through the check in and drug screening process, all leading to a personal thank you on stage with a medallion presentation. The importance of “hands on” involvement is a trademark of the GSO and allows all involved to receive the Q and A they desire.

We enjoy our athletes, and honor them with sponsor goodies, all weekend long. The athletes are the focus, and to that end, we try our best to manage a well-orchestrated and professional event. Every show has its challenges, that is the landscape of the industry. When the athletes find a bump, we fix it. When the sound may glitch or bulb may falter, an athlete becomes truant or someone needs their shoes, a support person quickly runs to adjust. Everyone wants the same thing: a great show. The collaboration of many is fantastic. And, as always, it takes a village. Once again, I thank you all!

The 25th Anniversary graciously appreciates Orange Theory studios of Portsmouth and Dover, Wozniak Law Group of Woonsocket, RI, Fitnessfirst.USA, Bodyfuel Café, MTS Nutrition, Never Too Many Books, Tre Soleil Tanning and Makeup, Dover High School Auditorium, The Woos Kickboxing Academy of Londonderry, Five Hour Energy, JJS Photo Design, The Gaslight and Goat restaurants of Portsmouth, Don’t Stop the Party ‘s Koko and Shawn DJ’s, Ms. Turtles Tux is from Tuxedos and Suits with Style, our stage design is accented by Sea Mist Landscapes Interiors. So many more community and friends’ businesses and every one is significant. Thank you one and all for your donations, in kind time and efforts, love and passion.

Congratulations are in store for a number of newcomers as well as returning champions. This proven natural event heralded athletes from Seattle, WA to Maine. As always, all of New England represented their sports in top notch form. We are proud to award the team trophy to Rolando Amorim and Muscle Sculpture this year. They came forward with new faces in a variety of divisions. To celebrate the 25th Anniversary, Ms Turtle honored the “out of the frame” athletes with a Invitational category entitled Feminine Physique.
Recognized by some as wellness and /or transformation, this medley of women brought their personal best to the stage. Quarter turns, personal style, tone, overall package and balance were considered. Each was a champ to start and individually carried some of the best personalities of the day~!

Pro cards may be the ultimate goal for some, and for others, it is to make it to the stage and to enjoy their very best body. The gambit was full in both areas. Novices walked away full of satisfaction and savvy. The novice titles went to: Figure: Renee Schroder. Bodybuilding Women: Anita Aker. Bodybuilding Men: Michael Fuentes. FitBody: Jennifer Warren. Men’s Physique: Wei Tao He.  Bikini Overall Novice: Catie Burns. The biggest and baddest battles of any event are always left to be seen. This season, all class Champions brought decent packages and well-earned placings. Like Outlander, “there can be only one” Overall. Our Pro Cards and 2019 titles went to: Masters Figure: Julie Cline. Open Figure: Megan Maclure. Masters Men: Kevin LaBelle. Open Men: Jacob Pottle. Fitbody: Nicole Katz. Masters Bikini: Kimberly Visalli. Bikini Open: Lindsay Colucci. Congratulations to one and all!

Also appearing in smaller classes and taking titles were the Masters/Open Ms GSO Bodybuilding:  Diane Pargona and Masters 50+ Michael Carter. Best Posers awards were presented to the bodybuilders for their style and presence. We all enjoyed the Couples presentation by Michael Carter and Jennifer Daly. Please consider coming to the 2020 show and throwing your fun side into this good ole way of competition!
The aforementioned Feminine Physique Invitational Win went to Debora Assuneao.

Please see our results page, check out the photographs and pay attention to our website: www.granitestateopen.com ,facebook group: Granite State Open, an annual event, and on Instagram @granitestateopen_inbf. 2020 offers much to enjoy for the natural athlete.

We look forward to seeing you again, and hopefully having you compete at New Hampshire’s longest running Natural Bodybuilding and More event


   149 Dartmouth Circle, Newmarket NH 03857 • (603) 659-2288