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2017 Granite State Open Review

Thank you to the WNBF/INBF network of owners, promoters, athletes, officials and patrons. Through your concerted efforts and integrity, we again brought a fantastic natural event to the 23rd Annual Granite State Open.  Flush with experienced athletes and excited newcomers, this year’s event was a fine success. Athletes ventured from as far at the Carolinas, NYC and represented all of New England beautifully.

We honored sisters, married couples, moms and daughters and young to older in a plethora of Divisions. Men’s and Women’s Bodybuilding,
Fit Body, Figure, Bikini, and Physique athletes took the stage to place in Novice, Masters and Open classes.   We were proud to of donned pro card awards to 9 new recipients! Top five awards were provided in each class, which tallied to over 134 roles.  Every athlete received a GSO medallion for gracing our stage. It is our signature to also provide creative and generous gift baskets to the top division champions, a flourish gratefully received.

Also, a tradition of the Granite State Open, we take a minute to honor persons special to the creation of our event. This year would not have been so polished without the intense and deliberate efforts of Ms. Barbara Woo and her team.  They were available from set up to tear down and gave perfect attention to each and every athlete, vendor, and audience participant at the Dover High School Auditorium on the mid- autumn day. 

A very expressive and well attended prejudging was splendid for coaxing the full classes of athletes to present at their best.  And it showed!  The officials were diligent in their focus to bring every individual into a fair and deeply critiqued arena.  At the end of the day, rankings were provided, and the sense of good sports-person-ship, camaraderie, wholesome fun and a job well done resonated throughout the athlete’s green room.

The Granite State Open began in 1991 with good ole co-ed  Bodybuilding, and has added divisions as the industry has evolved.  This years “plus” was the INBF’s Womens Fit Body.  Looking for muscle, fitness, poise and balance, these ladies present in heels a combination of softer bodybuilding with harder figure.  Many of the gals crossed over from one division to another, adapting their posing and presentation styles to the criterion required. Winning in both Figure and FitBody, Angie Ventrone rocked the stage with mastery. Her level of conditioning, matched with the amount of muscle she has on a very feminine frame, gave her an edge in both categories.  Add to that, stage presence and the ability to tighten it up as needed, she crossed over elegantly. Womens’  FitBody also brought Megan McClure to the forefront as the Novice title taker. Our Novice Figure winner, Christina Vaske was brand new to the stage and brought fine finesse and a fun-loving style.

 Women’s Bodybuilding lives strong in NH, as well as in New England with the INBF/WNBF.  We saw Christine Capece take the Novice and a returning athlete, Natalie Lynch win both Masters for a Pro Card and Open. “Nat” is an established and loyal competitor in this area and we wish her all the best in her future appearances.

Men’s Bodybuilding featured a new champion in the Novice class, he is a force to be reckoned with, Ishmail Hammoumi. As our longstanding MC in years past used to say “we are not getting older, we are only getting better”, to the Masters Men of the GSO.  Congratulations to alumnus Matt Schmitt for taking the 40 + and to New-Comer Kevin Labelle at 50+. Joining them for Pro cards was the Overall Open Champion, Nygel Sattterfield.    Nygel took the overall after a veracious series of call outs with class winners Ravel Perrissaint and Jules Payette.

In Men’s Physique, the newbie champ was young Steve Knable.  The Open title went to Martin Nassy.  Being near the beaches is a year-round treat for the GSO, we welcome more board short competitors for next season!

Bikini competition is an ever-growing category and bright and beautiful ladies’ came to cover our stage in three very full classes.  Ms. Katherine Allen challenged a huge field of peers to win the Novice with poise, beauty and condition.  The Masters Class was honored by fit and firm, graceful and talented women who scored closely. Julisa Medina walked away with the Pro Card here. Certainly, age and beauty are the norm at the GSO.
In the Overall, Olivia Knox held the stage with confidence and style. We wish her well on the WNBF circuit.

You can read more about the results on our winner’s circle.  Meanwhile, please revisit our web site, Facebook page “granite state open, an annual event” and keep in touch with the INBF/WNBF throughout the year.  We welcome athlete inquiries and are looking forward to seeing you next October 27th at the New Dover High School.

Be well, be healthy, and thank you for your patronage.

Ms. Turtle


   149 Dartmouth Circle, Newmarket NH 03857 • (603) 659-2288