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- Granite State Open -
NH's Premier Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini
Physique, FitBody, & Couples Championships™


Open to all amateur athletes who possess a current INBF/WNBF card. Athletes must be 7 years drug free from the date of show, and must submit to a polygraph test.
Pro card winners must submit to a urinalysis after they come off stage as required by WNBF rules. INBF registration is available online at: https//www.worldnaturalbb.com/join-inbf-2/.

HOW TO ENTER - Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4:

  1. Contact the GSO by email at: gsobodybuild@comcast.net to request an Entry Packet.

  2. Mail in Entry fees and all paperwork to:
    LJ Turtle Promotions - 149 Dartmouth Circle, Newmarket, NH 03857
    ($70- Entry Fee)    ($50 - Cross-over Fee)     ($25 Late Fee after 10/20/2018) 

  3. Call LJTurtle for a drug testing appointment time at (603) 659-2288.

  4. Book your hotel and tanning appointments.


All athletes will be drug tested by appointment on Thursday October 25th and Friday October 26th from 10am to 8pm at the Holiday Inn, 300 Woodbury Ave, Portsmouth NH.

  • Athletes must call for an appointment - (603) 659-2288
  • In person: $60.00 polygraph fee required (paid to examiner in cash or money order).
  • No fees will be refunded if you fail agreed upon testing procedures.
  • Banned Substance Lists

No Walk-In Entries Accepted on October 27th.

   149 Dartmouth Circle, Newmarket NH 03857 • (603) 659-2288