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- Granite State Open -
NH's Premier Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini
Physique, FitBody, & Couples Championships™


New Venue:



(Show will run according to Covid requirements. All times subject to change)


(The Event will run straight through)

Ticket Prices:
KIDS 12 and under $12 / STUDENTS with valid ID: $20 / ENTIRE EVENT $40

  • Women's Figure: Novice ~ Masters ~ Open

  • Figure competitors are judged on poise, presentation, symmetry, shape, tone, condition, plus stage stroll
  • All BodyBuilding

  • Novice Women
  • Novice Men
  • Masters Women (40+)
  • Masters Men (40+)
  • Masters Men (50+)
  • Open Women
  • Open Men (lightweight to 165 lbs)
  • Open Men (middleweight 165¼ to 185 lbs)
  • Open Men (heavyweight over 185¼ lbs)

    Bodybuilders will be judged in quarter turns, and mandatory comparisons for symmetry, muscularity and presentation. Individual posing routines are judged for best posers and placement confirmations.
  • FitBody: Novice ~ Open

    This group poses in quarter turns and comparisons for tone, condition, balance, poise and overall athleticism. Poses are conducted palms open, heels are worn. A stage stroll is included at the end of their division.

  • Couples: Open

    Pairs of mixed couples will be judged in quarter turns. The Officials will regard how well matched the physiques are, condition, balance, poise, presentation and style. Mandatory front and rear Biceps, side chest and triceps will be called as well as choice of poses from each side. A pairs routine will follow.

  • Feminine Physique:

    A GSO special division for women off all shapes and sizes to bring your best body to light.  Great for personal transformations and Best Body goals.
  • Men's Physique: Novice ~ Open

    Gentlemen will be judged in two rounds for symmetry, style, poise and presentation, personality and fitness appearance. A stage walk is included.
  • Bikini: Novice ~ Masters ~ Open

    Ladies will be judged on shape, balance, beauty, stage presence, fitness condition and overall appearance throughout quarter turns and front to back of stage walks.
  • Awards
  • Medallions will be presented to all contestants.
  • Best Poser in each Bodybuilding Division.
  • Trophies will be awarded to the top five in each class.
  • Beautiful Bouquet's to Pro Card winners (the Overall Champion in each Open Division)
  • In divisions with only 1 class, first place is combined with the Overall Title.
  • Further details available with application paperwork.
  • See the INBF/WNBF website for criterion

INCREDIBLE contest rates available,
mention the GSO when you make your reservation

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